Amigo Donor

Hey Amigo counts on the support of many Amigo Donors who have donated money, consulting time, legal assistance and research among other resources:

  • Schivartche Advogados
  • Adailton Martins
  • Guilherme Silva
  • Ian Bonde
  • Zare Ferragi
  • Lauro Akira Imano
  • Clarice Ayako Sinjo Imano
  • Marcelo Mercuri
  • Luis Siciliano
  • Robert Spencer Knotts
  • Jessica Sanfilippo Schulz
  • Anton Deinega
  • Juliana Mercuri
  • Henrique Minatogawa
  • Fábio Gusmão
  • Jefferson Araujo da Silva
  • Robson de Sousa Araujo

You and your company may also join this team to become an Amigo Donor thus contributing towards the implementation, maintenance and development of the Hey Amigo platform. Just get in touch with us through our contact form. Thank you.



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