The idea for the Hey Amigo app came about as a result of the direct experience of Multicultural Artist Haikaa and her partner Mercuri during cancer treatment. They noticed that in addition to the challenges that are a part of the treatment itself, many patients face enormous difficulties going to and from the hospital and also in finding someone who can accompany them during frequent medical procedures.

Haikaa and Mercuri decided to use their experience in humanitarian projects to seek solutions. In 2017, they initiated a series of conversations with people in different areas: IT entrepreneurs, app developers, financial market executives, lawyers, doctors, nurses, receptionists, volunteers, caregivers and patients.

In this process, they were joined by app programmers Danilo Salvador and Seiji Himoro. During college, the two had already thought of an app of a similar nature but focused towards care for the elderly. Together, Haikaa, Mercuri, Seiji and Danilo thought of a digital platform that would be easy for patients and volunteers to use but also safe. After one year and a half of volunteer work, Hey Amigo became a reality.



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